Genesis: of a different world (2019)

“Demand that the concepts of equality, dignity, freedom and liberation be firmly embedded in the realm of human consciousness, not in the cosmetic corridors of speech writers and academic policy formulators.” – Steve Dyer

‘Genesis of a different world’ is Steve Dyer’s first release in 4 years under his own name. Using instrumentation that includes 2 drummers, overlaying piano and keyboard parts, altered piano sounds as well as a trumpet/soprano, tenor and baritone saxophone horn section, Steve has created a remarkable and multi-textured soundscape unique in it’s sonic sensibilities. It is an artist’s offering of a window to a different world that draws on the influences that shape him.


‘Genesis of a different world’ aims to creatively define a new future. We need to devote energy and attention to shaping progressive alternatives to the existing order. The challenges of the past and present should be seen through the prism of how to overcome them in shaping measurable and manageable changes.

Define the future

This musical offering hopes to encourage and partner with creatives as well as others from all walks of life to envisage a future from our own individual and collective perspectives. There is a battle for the soul of the globe. Exclusionism and isolation will not prevail – positive collectivism will.

“Genesis of a different world is the story being told.
The centre of the old order cannot hold…..”


“This is easily the boldest record I’ve heard this year (2019) . So alive, so full of hope.” – Percy Mabandu

“‘Genesis of a different world’ presents sounds that are by turns, surprising, richly beautiful and thought-provoking.” – Gwen Ansell

“Dyer puts his sonic design skills, his own playing and his band leader skills on ‘Genesis of a different world’ to great use to provide a groovy album of great beauty.” – Percy Zvomuya

Live show

“Last night my life was enriched with great sound. a seasoned master interacting, without imposing, he allows the young expression, with the energetic millennials. The result is high quality jazz unlike before, that unmistakable, distinct and unique Mzansi Jazz.” – Galafani Masilela – Jazz Appreciation

“I heard a lot of great albums. I CAN tell you my favourite album of the year (2019) was ‘Genesis of a different world’ by Steve Dyer – Seton Hawkins – Jazz at the Lincoln centre, New York

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